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Little Mabel

Little Mabel
Using Liberty Prints, Vintage and Recycled fabrics to make 
bespoke keepsakes.

In a little house down a quiet Norfolk lane the gentle whirring of a sewing machine can be heard.

A lifetime’s love of handwriting and pretty fabrics now brought together using the ‘Freehand Embroidery Technique’. Where a needle and thread is used rather than a pen to draw on fabric.

Incorporating words alongside quirky textile pictures to create completely unique keepsakes.

No two pictures are the same. Where possible I use Vintage and Recycled fabrics which I’m sure would have a story or two to tell.  I source them from Antique Fairs and Charity Shops. It may be an item of children’s clothing, a man’s shirt or a pillowcase that catches my eye.

The Liberty fabrics I use are usually new, but as their prints are so beautiful and ideally suited to what I do I feel it’s worth it.

I can also use fabrics provided by you. Maybe a piece of Wedding Dress material or a favourite item your child has grown out of.

What’s in a name?

Before having children, Mabel was always top of my list of girl’s names. Years later I have three boys, so when I started this new venture, I felt the time had come to finally use it.

Little Mabel seemed perfect for a business where prettiness is the main criteria.